• Electromechanical 24v road barrier for intensive use as parking access. 
  • Barrier could cover road accesses of 4m or 5m
  • Could be externally released with secure key. 
  • Photocells can be integrated into barrier's body making them invisible. 
  • Optional battery powered. 
  • Safety Amperometric obstacle detection sensor to avoid crushing standard. 
  • Various accessories available. 
  • Loop detection sensors also available.
General Specs
Code 9083052
Torque 205Nm
Power supply ~230Vac (50-60Hz)
Maximum input current 1.6A
Duty cycle Intensive use
International Protection Marking IP44
Operating temperature -20° to +50°C
Weight 52kg
Barrier specs
Movement time 3" - 5"


  • Product Code: LADY5-9083052
  • Availability: In Stock