• Extruded aluminum body. 
  • Low weights. 
  • Wear resistant sliding carriages. 
  • RGB LED lights integrated for ambiance and night time light. 
  • Tested for intensive use. 

General Specs
Code Easyone-light
Power supply Full range 115/230 Vdc 50/60 Hz
Duty cycle S3 = 100%
International Protection Marking IP20
Operating temperature -20° to +55° Celsius (battery: -10° to +50° Celsius)
Automatic shop doors
Absorption 3W stand by. 100VA Max power
Accessories power 24Vdc = / 0.5 A max
Max speed 1 sliding door 0.8m/s
Max speed 2 sliding doors 1.6m/s
Max weight 1 sliding door 120kg
Max weight 2 sliding doors 80+80kg


  • Product Code: Easyone-light
  • Availability: In Stock

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